Benefits for an organization…

• Improved Performance

Individuals, teams and functional area performance increase due to a collective decision to become more solution oriented, positive about getting results and new perspectives on taking responsibility for actions and accountability for getting the outcomes necessary for improvement. Turnaround from poor results to major results have occurred in less than 90 days – saving careers and business units.

• Increased Productivity

Created from a combination of focused goal setting, goal achievement, and creative problem solving, effective use of available time by committing to high priority tasks, a universal mentality of dogged persistence to achieve and using a sense of urgency to attain higher levels of productivity. Thus, insuring a healthy organization and highly energized people.

• Improved Effectiveness

When people have respect for others and appreciate the talent each person brings to a team, you get improved channel communications, decisions and interpersonal relationships that transcend personal agendas to getting the results that were planned and budgeted.

• Understanding Change

When individuals understand the role of change in their success, then they are more willing to become a positive influence on the change. Resistance to change is a sign of stagnation of effort and a continuation of the status quo rather than a course of purposeful change for higher levels of performance. Individuals need a heightened sensitivity to their individual role in successful change. Proactive change creates a natural connection to an organization’s strategies and goals.

• Aligned Cultures

An organization’s culture is often overlooked by the management team in this age of mergers and acquistions. Yet, when a management team understands their role in creating a positive culture, then the principles of teamwork and respect for each individual become the bedrock of the aligned culture of high performance.