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Got to thinking about how the summer months are usually fun times for everyone. Everyone except the unhealthy. Yet, there is a real health issue today and the Phoenix Seminar addressed our health issues in several modules. The one that I remember the most are the Three White Poisons. Now, technically they are not poisons, however their impact when used too often or in excessive

This is my personal favorite of the twenty-seven mental laws of the Phoenix Seminar. Why? Because it had the most impact on me during a time of struggle. Early in my career I kept doing the same things over and over – each time expecting a different result. When I learned this is the clinical definition of insanity, well, my world changed. What is so

The Phoenix Seminar was one of the first workshops to share the power of the Law of Attraction. The latest fade called the Secret came about a decade later – in fact, many feel the Secret was an expanded expose introduced by the Phoenix Seminar. Well, enough about that other system, time to discuss the Law of Attraction. Brian Tracy shares with us the Law

Recently, I was working with a group of people who felt other people needed to work on their self-esteem to improve relationships. This was a form of the victim or blame game played by many people in our society today. The facts are – You are Responsible for Your Self-Esteem. If you take care of yourself, then you could favorably influence others around you too.

As a reminder for the beginning of the new year, successful relationships will make a difference for you this year. Think no farther than People Skills. People skills is the core of the entire Phoenix Seminar. If you remember, you were learning about what makes people do the things they do. As you learned more about the make up of a person’s mindset, you were