A company had a large investment in their sales team and knew that the individual sales members were a critical part of their relationship based selling culture. However, four of the sales team members were lacking in personal motivation and had become negative about their company and their customers.

The Issue

The Sales VP had to decide to de-hire these four people or find a method to re-energize them to their former high levels of performance and results.

The Phoenix Seminar Solution Results

Conventional sales training was not the answer for these four mavericks of selling. They had all the sales skills knowledge – what they needed was a personal development process to re-focus and re-energize their sales careers. They were asked to attend the Phoenix Seminar as part of their personal development program. After the program, the VP of Sales asked what “magic dust” did we use on them? They were happy, focused and taking charge of their careers again. Two returned to lead their customer category sales group in total sales. The other two returned to the top 10% status they had enjoyed in the past – one even won a promotional contest. The Phoenix Seminar is designed to show people “how to” succeed in life skills – which are easily transferred to business skills and high energy.