A Fortune 100 CIO had merged four data centers into one centralized group and had hired an additional 15% of new employees for the final team.

The Issue

Each of the relocated team members brought their own cultural biases to the new IT team – limiting the initial effectiveness of the entire team. The CIO wanted a unified team and one common culture.

Phoenix Seminar Solution Results

Using the Phoenix Seminar as a foundational tool, the CIO was able to stabilize the IT culture – creating a proactive IT team that engaged the functional business units and created world class solutions for their business units. Collaboration and team interaction between the internal team and the external customers (functional business units) were improved by using the comprehensive information contained in the Phoenix Seminar. The CIO had all 400 members of the IT team attend the three-day interactive Phoenix Seminar. He called it – “his insurance policy to create a proactive and collaborative IT team.”