A major international company was looking for the best method to transition their plant personnel from a command and control management/supervisor environment into a strong high performance work teams. The goal was to improve both quality and productivity using new management and employee utilization techniques.

The Issue

The current plant environment had created a reactive manufacturing group, that was dependent upon the managers and supervisors to provide direction and responsibility. Management wanted to have a self-responsible and empowered manufacturing team to improve productivity and lower costs of operation.

Phoenix Seminar Solution Results

First, each team participated in the Phoenix Seminar where they learned the principles of being self-responsible and taking charge of their lives and work areas. After the first wave of team participation, results were evaluated – then the entire manufacturing workforce were invited to a series of scheduled Phoenix Seminar workshops until everyone had attended. The results were impressive – as the Plant Manager stated – “The Phoenix Seminar has created Total Quality People who have turned our plant into a total quality plant.”