Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy is the Phoenix Seminar

Have you ever wanted to really help someone get their life together? It could be a friend, a co-worker, or a family member.

Some people need a “Guiding Light” to set their life course to the future. These are the people who need to have a copy of Brian Tracy’s Maximum Achievement.

If you attended one of the Phoenix Seminar workshops and remember the feelings you had after the Phoenix Seminar, then this book can help you again today – or Someone Else who is close to You.

Brian Tracy updated the book with stories and connections to how things are today and it will help you.

The other thing Brian Tracy did with the Maximum Achievement book is he shows you had to apply this outstanding information to both your personal life and your professional life. Leaders of companies or organizations will find valuable insight into how to apply the Universal Laws of Success and Achievement to your business or organization.

We offer this book in two formats – Hardcover and Softcover.

Maximum Achievement Hardcover photo

Hardcover Edition

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Softcover Edition

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