Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement

To succeed in life you “simply” need to :

  • Become aware that you can achieve more
  • Recognize your role and responsibility in creating a successful life
  • Make the decision to become more successful
  • Learn how to clarify what you want and identify what needs to happen to succeed.

Many people have stated that the information provided is “what they knew before,” yet, they admitted they had not taken the necessary action steps to become successful. However, after learning more about themselves, they “got it.” They took the information and applied it – turning failures into success by taking action.

Why do we call it the “Phoenix Seminar?” The title word, Phoenix, comes from the Egyptian mythology about a fabulous bird that lived an extended life, then was consumed in flames, only to be born again with a new start in life. This analogy is what we have seen time after time as people have come to us in various levels of life achievements and have moved to the next level after learning the simple laws and methods contained in the Phoenix Seminar.

We believe that people are as successful as they currently know how to succeed. However, regardless of background and current environment, we can learn from our experiences in life, choose the direction of our future, and take responsibility for our new action commitments. We can provide you with the insights, tools and motivation to achieve your success.